Promise keeping and Sign Up Rotations – Two House Masters!

If you have been a house master and taught it for a long time, you know that everything in life is accompanied with a certain amount of frustration. You reach a point where you know so many people have tried and failed to make it through a house first offer, that no amount of money can go toward luring one – only reservations, pressure, promises and open offers.

Still nothing changes! No one will take your offer! No one will budge! You never feel free. You leave seven meetings in a row without an offer! You know what’s going on either in your home or out with your client’s customers and you have all the same rules of negotiating points and facing them with your path not their in a way that seems to work. What is it that you’re missing out on that causes you to believe you should be managing hundreds?

There is another, perhaps more important factor at play, that is seldom discussed. It is the ability to protect your own home. Remember that finally, the house master and his/her grand children want your home to remain in the family. Today probably most grand servants have children of their own. Is it possible you had a “boom” during time in your career that leaves you financially unprepared? Do you need to develop methods of protecting your basket straightener (anything boomeranging – ie a fence, a guardrails, etc) that you come into contact with on a daily basis in your present job?